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All About Luda's Havanese

Luda Garcia and her husband, Pedro Garcia, launched their puppy breeding business 10 years ago in ATL, Ga. Pedro is originally from Cuba, where he first fell in love with the Havanaese breed. Luda is a stay at home mommy in order to deliver the babies and raise her fur family. Together, Luda and her husband  specialize in the rare chocolate Havanese breed.


 "The puppies give me a purpose in life. They are not only our pets, but also a part of our family." -Luda 


All of the Havanese are AKC registered purebred. The puppies are under vet care and are kept up to date on all vaccinations appropriate to their age. Luda's parent dogs are also CERF certified. 


 Their focus is on raising happy, healthy, and well socialized Havanese puppies with a great temperment.

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