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"Luda is awesome

Luda, thank you so much for all of your careful attention to our new beautiful puppy. We are so excited to have her. She is absolutely beautiful, and so well-mannered and smart! She came to us already understanding a crate, and is so confident and already on a little potty schedule in less than a week. You have been a pleasure to work with. We feel so good about getting our puppy from you. The minute I spoke with you I had a good feeling. You are honest, caring, and conscientious about all of your puppies and doggies well-beings first before anything else. Thank you again, we plan to keep in touch! We may need to get Gillian another playmate one of these days. Thanks again!!"

Reviewer: Wendy, April 4, 2017


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 "Superb Breeder!

I just purchased a puppy from this breeder, Luda. My interactions with Luda were phenomenal. I had many questions, and Luda always responded quickly. In addition, the process of purchasing my puppy was seamless. I loved the fact that Luda always posted updates on the puppies on her page. The way she cares for the puppies is great. I 100% highly recommend Luda. I'm so pleased with my Havanese puppy. Thank you, Pedro and Luda!"

Reviewer: Glenda, July 11, 2016



"Luda's pups are the best!

I am a first time dog owner… And kept my eye on several breeders for many months. But Ludas puppies are the cutest. We've had our puppy for about 4 1/2 months, and she is the most well behaved sweetest little girl could ever ask for. She slept through the night in her crate her very first night with us and has been a dream ever since!! She loves to play with all types of dogs, big and small, and just loves people. Very sociable and friendly. Easy to train so far as well."

Reviewer: Laurie, October 12, 2015  



"Best Breeder ever!!!

This is the 2nd dog we have gotten from a breeder. I can tell you Luda has set the bar very high! From the very beginning she has been incredible. She offered up references and access to her Facebook page. It was amazing to see all of the people that continue to send her pictures of the dogs that they got from her. She posted pics of the newborn babies and at 2 weeks we were allowed to go and see the dogs. We have been visiting our little Jasmine since 2 weeks old. It is so nice to be able to go into a house and see how the doggies are being raised and to meet her and her husband. We love our little girl and are so appreciative of how well Luda and her husband took care of her before we got her. I highly recommend her as a breeder. I also thought her prices were awesome and fair compared to others that I researched. Thank you Luda for being such a great dog breeder! I will continue to send you LOTS of pics of our baby girl while she grows up!"

Reviewer: Jodi, August 26, 2015



 "Top notch breeder

We got our new puppy from Luda's Havanese a few weeks ago and can truly say that her breeding practices and parent stock are top notch. Our little guy came to us right after his 8 week birthday. He was very well socialized and almost fully potty trained. His markings and physical traits are exceptional. Luda and her husband really care about their dogs and the puppies that they share with the world. Our puppy is showing exceptional intelligence and a fun loving spirit which is in line with the type of temperament a well breed Havanese should express."

Reviewer: James, August 17, 2015



"Love at first sight even from states away!

Luda's Havanese puppies are gorgeous! My family and I decided on a Havanese and more specifically a chocolate Havanese. We recently had our new baby girl Gracie delivered via airplane ride since we live states away. We had many questions and reservations from buying from someone who we've never met and had not met the puppy. However, we were able to meet the breeder and puppy in mind via Skype and knew it was the right decision. We've had Gracie for about a week and have been in love ever since. She came well crate trained and sleeps through the night. She also does pretty well for a 9 week old when it comes to potty trained. We are still working with her to know her signs but overall she does a fantastic job. Her temperament is so loving and happy and everyone who meets her falls in love with her precious eyes and loving personality. My kids love her and always want to be with her. Thanks Luda! xoxo Sara"

Reviewer: Sara, August 14, 2015  



"Great Experience

We purchased a puppy from Luda and Pedro. They are so wonderful to work with. Puppies are truly treated like family at Luda's Havanese. We were able to visit multiple times prior to picking up our sweet puppy, Sebastian at 8 weeks. Luda took time to answer our many questions. I have maintained a friendship with Luda and enjoy our visits. Great lady!! You can't go wrong adopting one of Luda's puppies."

Reviewer: Angie, December 17, 2014



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